Nanjing Kunqian Computer Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional high-tech enterprise specialized in cloud storage, HPC, application storage, servers and the integrated solutions.

      The company has established its own production and scientific research institution with the products including the self-brand “ENGINE” series of servers, a full range of tower and rack servers, storage servers, high-density computing servers and the integrated server system that is able to satisfy the high-end HPC as well as the function server products, besides the provision of the industry solutions and the localized service support. Now honored with several awards, the company has obtained two patents with the products widely applied in the industries including government, internet, education, electric power, monitoring, finance, telecom, taxation, traffic and medical service etc.

      As always, Kunqian values cooperation very much and it aims to develop further and become stronger in the collaboration. First, the company has established a comprehensive and in-depth strategic cooperation relationship with Intel. And the combination of Intel’s advanced technology and Kunqian’s efficient R&D and manufacture capacity has made Kunqian take a lead in the server field. Meanwhile, during the cooperation with American Supermicro, ST, WD and ASUS, Kunqian has overcome its weaknesses by acquiring their strong points to improve the company’s comprehensive technical strength. Now Kunqian has established a long-term cooperative partnership with the following organizations including China Telecom, ZTE Corporation, Huawei, Guodian Nanjing Automation Co., Ltd., Potevio, CETC, UTStarcom, Nanjing University of Technology and Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics etc.
      Ever since the establishment, Kunqian has developed steadily and promptly with six member companies having been established in the nation and the business scope has been expanded to various second and third-tier cities all over the country. And with the purpose of “one-stop service, the company has persisted in the enterprise culture of “confidence, integrity, concentration and innovation” for continuous improvement and perfection so as to provide more and better value-added services to the customers.