Intel executives came to visit our company and gave the guid

At 9:3 am on October 18, 2013, Intel executives-- Sonny Jin and others came to visit my company and gave guidance. The group includes Charles Han (LOEM/Channel detailed FAE Team Manager), Jingyang Zhou (EC JH Sales Team Manager), Lei Xia (Channel Server Solution Specialist), Qixia Li (EC JH VSM) and Biao Yan (EC JH detailed FAE). Kunqian Technology CEO--Xu Bin, sales director-- Liu Xuming, technical director-- Chen wu and R&D director--zhou liang, with Intel executives had discussed the keys of the cooperation between Kunqian Technology and Intel in the next three years.
Nanjing Kunqian computer technology co., LTD. is a national leading in the field of server system integrators, providing systematic software and hardware solutions for different clients, such as government, military and public security and other industries. Starting 2012, Kunqian redefined company strategy and the direction, focusing on high performance computing, cloud computing and big data in the field of research and development and transforming into professional system-level solutions provider.
Xu Bin (CEO of Kunqian technology) said he was confident in 2014 the sales growth rate of Kunqian, and hoped to start more close cooperation with Intel. Kuqian will invested thirty percent of the company's profits in Rr&D per year (and gradually increasing), including the introduction of the industry's top technical talents and the team, and spending large sum of money to create a large laboratory, in order to better implement transformation strategies.
Sonny Jin (PRC ATS Director) indicated Intel has been the strategic partner of Kunqian and will give stable policy support and cooperation during the transformation of Kunqian. Next, the two sides will start more practical and in-depth cooperation on several key projects of Kunqian technology.

Kunqian had built up enterprise key laboratory in September 2013, committing to the high performance computing, cloud computing and big data in the field of research and development and testing. Now it has already listed in many famous enterprises cooperation, including jiangsu han cloud technology, nanjing university of technology, etc.

Laboratory features include:

Low carbon room (reference to facebook design), low carbon environmental protection, energy saving

Technical experts can in-deep explain and interact with customers in solution demonstration area. 

Customers and partners can directly feel the charm of the various solutions in user experience area.

Already listed in multiple partners and specific areas of research

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