I, Term of warranty and service mode

Components classification Service details
Field service Labours Components and materials
Type A CPU、Memory、Ethernet card、SCSI card、SCSI terminator
Graphics card(for non-professional)、inside structure of chassis and  attachment module、cable inside chassis
3 years for free 3 years for free 3 years for free
Type B mainboard、hard disk、power、RAID controller、CRT display、professional graphics card 、other board card、disk array 3 years for free 3 years for free 1 years for free
Type C CD-drive、floppy-drive、tape-drive、fan、KVM、LCD display、controller、SCADA nodes、interchanger、firewall 3 years for free 3 years for free 1 years for free
Type D A CD, floppy disk, keyboard, mouse, plastic components outside chassis 3 months for free

1. The components not listed in the table, please consult Kunqian company during the warranty.
2. The product warranty start date is the date of arrival. If the customer cannot provide valid proof of the date of arrival, it will be 1month grace added from the product production date recorded by Kunqian company.
3.  If the time  from repair date and free warranty end-up date is less than 3 months,the warranty  period of the replacement components when repairing will extend 3 months since the repair date. Meantime, customer needs to provide the corresponding repair record. 
4. The components used when repairing is equivalent to the original parts at least in the key function. 
5. The defective components replaced when repairing is owned by Kunqian company. All customers must keep this detective component in the original use state. If the users themselves (such as scientific research, confidentiality, etc.) request to preserve, dismantle or modified defective components, the defective components will loss the warranty. 
6. The Kunqian server components individually purchased from Kunqian company is within 1 year free warranty since the date of purchasing.  

II, Service process and response time

The customers across the nation can call customer service: 400-779-6858 (mobile) request for repair during 9:00~18:00 every day. After receiving the request, Kunqian company technical service staff will launch a telephone feedback within 4 hours. If it confirmed that needs a on-site service, the company technical service staff will arrive the scene (or in transit) within 2 working days.

The customers need to provide the following information when requesting for repair:
1. Product model; 
2. Product reference number(S/N);
3. System hard disk and the detailed components of software;
4. System error message;
5. Detailed fault description;
6. The customer company, contacts, contact information and detailed address;

III, The warranty service area

1、 This commitment is limited to the hardware failure for our company's series servers in a normal use during warranty period.
2、The first installation and debugging of our company's clusters products at the time of the arrival, debugging belong to free service. But for the request of reinstallation and debugging because of the moving reasons etc. need to pay related fees.
3、For various software problems including operating systems and applications software, Kunqian company provides land-line call support. It’s needed to pay the relevant fees if it’s requested to provide on-site services.
4、Kunqian company does not undertake the losses due to product failure to the users (such as equipment halt, data loss, etc.).
5、This commitment is only limited for products purchased after October 1, 2012 to buy the products.
6、For services beyond the services of commitment or the services of warranty period, Kunqian company can provide relevant paid services. Consult the details from Kunqian service hotline.
7、The following circumstance does not belong to the warranty area:

1、Consumable material (battery, case, plug components, etc.) the natural consumption, wear and aging;
2、Changing CMOS setup and cause it cannot start normally;
3、The fault caused by the infection of computer viruses or other malicious software due to careless and illegal intrusion
4、The fault caused by configuration software system damage due to wrong operation (such as a RAID configuration, etc.).
5、the fault caused by various password forgotten
6、The electrical damage caused by the reasons such as the instability of users’ power system voltage and not good ground connection.
7、 The system damage caused by lightning or other external reasons.
8、Other apparently failure due to improper use, such as dust accumulation, liquid injection, external shocks, extrusion and wear and tear, falling damage, etc.

8、A warranty will automatically terminate in the following circumstances:

1、Negligence, accident, disaster, improper use or abuse;
2、Use the components not manufactured or sold by kunqian;
3、The product has been modified;
4、The repair or changing components that has not been authorized by Kunqian;
5、The product damage caused by poor storage or transportation;
6、Users altering and changing Kunqian products identification and components reference number;

IV, Special suggestion

1、If this commitment conflict with relevant national laws and regulations, the relevant laws and regulations shall prevail.
2、If this commitment conflict with relevant terms in "Kunqian server sales contract", the relevant terms in "sales contract" shall prevail.
3、The commitment’s interpretation belongs to Kunqian Technology co., LTD.
4. The information in this page may be changed without prior notice.

I, Paid services area

This standard referring to the paid service is for the following situations:
1.The product is beyond warranty period;;
2.The product is in the warranty period; but the service is beyond the scope related by “Kunqian server products warrant commitment”.

Kunqian company can provide you with paid services including:
1. Hardware repair;
2.Changes system hardware components (change);
3.Operating system installation and debugging; the installation and debugging of software purchased from Kunqian.
4.The reconstruction, modify and migration etc. services of the disk array;
5.Tianchao series cluster products relocation service;
6.Tianchao series cluster products parallel environment debugging and optimization.

II, Charging calculation formula

The paid service = labor + mileage fee + cost of raw materials

III, Charging standard

1.Labour:refers to technical labour cost by providing repair and changing services.

Hardware Node server Whole chassis(replace) 800 RMB/chassis/time
mainboard、CPU(including memory),  expansion board
CPU 600 RMB/chassis/time
memory, memory expansion board
hard disk、hard disk back board
various board cards inside chassis 
power system(including and case)
chassis relevant various fans(including CPU fan) 400 RMB/chassis/time
Various  cables and accessories
Panel controlling components and display componnets
chassis inside CD-ROM
chassis front board
only power module (monomer)
Blade server whole blade chassis(including inside middle board) 2000 RMB/chassis/time
whole single blade chassis(replace) 800 RMB/chassis/time
blade chassis relevant various models 600 RMB/chassis/time
Cluster 1U controller 600 RMB/chassis/time
interchanger(2U and below)
chassis power box 
storage device 1000 RMB/chassis/time
interchanger(2U and above) 2000 RMB/chassis/time
Construction Rack and non-standard putaway service site construction supervision 3000 RMB/chassis/time
Kunqian standard rack dress (non-including package and shipping fee) 800 RMB/chassis/time
Kunqian cooling machine dress(non-including package and shipping fee) 4500 RMB/chassis/time
Non-Kunqian s tandard rack dress(non-including package and shipping fee) 1200 RMB/chassis/time
cabling system(non-including materials) 800RMB/person/8hours
2U and below equipment 300 RMB/chassis/time
2U(non-included)~4U(included) equipment 600 RMB/chassis/time
4U(non-included)~6U(included) equipment 800 RMB/chassis/time
6U(non-included)~8U(included) equipment 1000 RMB/chassis/time
8U(non-included)above equipment 2000 RMB/chassis/time
Maintaining Kunqian equipment electrify examine 600 RMB/chassis/time
Kunqian equipment teardown and electrify examine 800 RMB/chassis/time
Kunqian equipment non-teardown dedusting 400 RMB/chassis/time
Kunqian equipment teardown dedusting 800 RMB/chassis/time
Software instal compatible operating system(users support medium) 500 RMB/chassis/time
Kunqian server RAID card configuration 400 RMB/chassis/hour
Kunqian disk array debugging 600 RMB/chassis/hour
Switcher debugging
parallel environment installation and debugging 5000 RMB/chassis/hour
firewall、Load balance debugging
Kunqian compatible software products debugging

Please consult Kunqian company for the projects not listed above. The not listed interpretation is belong to Kunqian company.

2 .Transport Milestone fees:round-trip transportation cost caused by providing on-site service and the man-hour cost engineers spending on road.

Round-trip transportation fee between customers and Kunqian service organisation
0-50km 51-100km 101-150km 151-200km
¥300/person ¥600/person ¥700/person ¥850/person
201-250km 251-300km 301-350km 350km以上
¥1000/person ¥1200/person ¥1500/person ¥2000/person

If customers send to repair, transport fee will be canceled from charging. But customers will pay themselves for the transiting cost caused by this.

3. materials expenses: replacement parts, components, maintenance supplies etc. material cost.
4.If having a service contract, execute in accordance with the contract.
5.Relevant Instructions:

(1)This charging standards are for Kunqian certification services’ national unified fee standards. If there are subject to change, there will be no prior notice. If you want know up-dated information about “Kunqian servers paid service fee standards”, please call Kunqian company technical service center free hotline: 400-779-6858.
(2)For the replacement or increased components through Kunqian supporting paid service, the warranty period will be 1 year starting from the purchase date (the formal purchase invoice date shall prevail), and needs customers send to repair.

No Whole machine warranty period Extension components warranty  Instruction
Whole machine component Site Labour Material
1 —— —— non non 1 year The individually purchased component don not belong to Kunqian equipment. The warranty period of this components will be 1 year, and needs customers send to repair or choose Kunqian paid on-site service.
2 Inside case  Outside case Same as whole machine Same as whole machine 1 year Using Kunqian equipment, if the component in the whole machine has exceeded the free replacement limited time,the warranty of this component is 1 year, and supporting the free on-site service as same limited time of the whole machine.
3 Inside case Inside case Same as whole machine Same as whole machine Compare the whole machine remaining warranty period and 1 year, keep the longer one.  The warranty period of individually purchased extension component is same as same component in the machine. When the remaining warranty period of same machine component is longer than 1 year, the warranty period will be same as the same machine component; if not, the warranty period of this machine will be 1 year, and supporting the free on-site service as same limited time of the whole machine.
4 Outside case Outside case Non Non 1 year For the whole machine that beyond Kunqianlimited 5 years warranty, customers can choose sending to repair or Kunqian paid on-site service.
Applicable co 3 years free components 5 years free components
Hard disk、Raid controller、power、professional graphics card、other board card(rs-sunnet /HBA/HCA etc.) CPU、memory、ethernet card
non-professional graphics card

Special suggestion:The service policy adjustment shall not apply to the commodity products,eg: interchanger.